kool-aid clogged the pipes, Galerie La Croix, Pasadena, CA

a hole in a thing is a thing it is not, The Cave, Pasadena, CA

Cotton Candy Christmas Pit, Tannenbaum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Between a Rock and a Soft Paste, Lindhurst Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Slightly Drifting, Station Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

LIGHTSCAPES, Phantom Gallery, Long Beach, CA

Thus Spake the Fungus, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles, CA
WATER IN THE CAMERA, Contact LA, Los Angeles, CA
a hole or something like the sun, Scranch, Joshua Tree, CA
Refresh!, Galerie La Croix, Pasadena, CA
Harborview and Pole, Millard Sheets Art Center, Pomona, CA
Everything Must Go!, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Burn Your Idols, Ace Hotel, New York, NY

Decoding Campground Symbols, Cudayh, Los Angeles, CA
Art Basil, P.E.Z. Limited booth, Los Angeles, CA
1 Year Anniversary, Objectify 139, New York, NY
TV Diner, Pretend Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Vinyl Visions, All Welcome Records, Los Angeles, CA

Fruitmilk, Bold Room, Los Angeles, CA
Slick Livin', MOCA Store, Los Angeles, CA
Landmark, L'Art, Los Angeles, CA
Artivisim, Les Noces Du Figaro, Los Angeles, CA

Gumby on the Rocks, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA
Hot Mess, CTI Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Holding Hands, MOCO, Oakland, CA

Group Shower, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
and the full scale model, Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA
DIS[LOCATE], Helen Lindhurst Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Beyond Borders, VU Gallery, Bellingham, WA
The One and the Many, Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Abstracting Light, Superhighway, USC, Los Angeles, CA
The Photographic Impulse, Superhighway, USC, Los Angeles, CA
12 Artists for 2012, The Salon at Clifton's, Los Angeles, CA
Moving Through Landscape, Superhighway, USC, Los Angeles, CA

Essential Document, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
Naked City, The Salon at Clifton's, Los Angeles, CA
400 Percent, Helen Lindhurst Gallery, USC, Los Angeles, CA
Concrete Jungle, The Salon at Clifton's, Los Angeles, CA
Krappy Kamera XIII, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, NY
Toyed With, Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO
DeathMedicine, Royal T, Culver City, CA
We Were Once Children, Catnap, Los Angeles, CA
La Musica, Galeria Obscura, Los Angeles, CA
Here & Now, Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
Local Goods, Latihan Design Space, Hawthorne, CA
Zine Fiend, Bookmachine, Fullerton, CA
XEROX II, The Mime, Los Angeles, CA

Toyed With, Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO
Plastic Camera Show, RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco, CA
Holga Show 3.0, Photo Media Center, Erie, PA
untitled, Bang Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
XEROX, La Tienda, Los Angeles, CA
Re:View, Hillel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013 Discovery Scholar Grant Recipient, USC
2011 Holga Inspire Award, Krappy Kamera XIII
2010 Honorable Mention, Plastic Camera Show
2009 Honorable Mention, Holgapalooza

2012 …and the full scale model, Self Published
2012 Toska, Issue 1
2011 Play!, Published by Composing with Images Press
2011 Krappy Kamera XIII, Published by Sandra Carrion
2010 Photography, By John Upton and Barbara London
2009 Light Leaks, Issue 16

2014 Snowcones, Sherbet and Stone, Jennifer Li, L'Art
2014 Fruitmilk at Bold Room LA, Jane Helpern, Cultist
2013 Chris Hanke's Vibrant Matter, Kyle Fitzpatrick, LA I'm Yours
2012 Group Shower at Night Gallery, Geoff Tuck, Notes on Looking
2011 Holga Inspire Interview, Christine So, Holga

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

MFA in Art Candidate, Art Center College of Design, 2018
BFA in Fine Art, USC, 2013